The Dollard at the shore of the Breebaardtpolder, the eastern corner of the Wadden sea. At good circumstances the coast can be viewed al the way to Germany. At the opposite point the industry and harbor of Emden can be seen. From the parking lot at the information point of the “Groninger Landschap” it is a short walk of about ten minutes to the coastline. With the view eastwards, this is a good point for watching sunrises. For this picture the weather forecast was little cloudiness and mediate wind from the north. So it was game on to be there at sunrise in the early morning.

When approaching the dyke I was confronted with a sign that this area was at the moment a resting place for seals and so not accessible for people. I haven’t seen this sign in March when I was here. On the top of the Dyke a screen is places from behind the seals can be watched. About a dozen seals are hunched together on the shoreline, an incredible sight. They are to far away to photograph, as a landscape photographer I only carry lenses with a maximum of 200mm. Maybe some other day for wildlife photography. I see a part of the beach half a mile further on accessible, so I make my way to see what I can make there.

The weather forecast was right, a clear sky with some nice clouds. The rising sun is still behind the horizon but beautifully lights the clouds with an orange glow from below. I start looking for a foreground subject, which I think is needed for this picture. The water is retreating and some pools are formed. This will do perfectly as foreground subject. I place my tripod with camera attached in the mud. It sinks several centimeters away and I push it down further to steady it. That will need some cleaning later on. I attach a 0.6 ND grad filter to balance sky and foreground. Diafragma on f/16 and take a shot. The histogram tells me that it can need a little longer exposure. With a 1.5 overexposure I am satisfied with the histogram, perfect expose to the right.If I can give one advice, always rely on the histogram and not on the image shown at the back of the camera. This image is only a small low resolution jpeg, which does not reflect the raw file on the memory card.

After trying some other compositions I am satisfied with the result and make my way back to the car. The seals have all woken up and have left the mudbanks. Probably looking for some breakfast. A good idea.